Dr. Carlyle Simmons

Dr. Carlyle Simmons, a native of Bermuda, stands as an inspiring figure in the world of Seventh-day Adventist ministry. With a wealth of theological knowledge and a profound commitment to his faith, he has dedicated his life to spreading the message of God's love. Dr. Simmons embarked on his theological journey by earning his Bachelor of Theology degree from West Indies College, now known as Northern Caribbean University. His thirst for knowledge and passion for ministry led him to further academic achievements, culminating in his Masters in Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Andrews University Theological Seminary. Throughout his extensive career, Dr. Simmons held pivotal roles within the Bermuda Conference and beyond. His roles included serving as a Pastor, Conference President, Religious Liberty Director, and Ministerial Secretary for the Bermuda Conference. Additionally, he played a key role as the Executive Secretary of the Atlantic Union Conference. While officially retired, Dr. Simmons continues to offer his valuable services to the Bermuda Conference whenever called upon. Dr. Simmons's love for the Lord and unwavering faith shine brightly in his ministry. He eagerly anticipates the soon return of Christ, a belief that underpins his life's work and passion for sharing the message of salvation. Dr. Simmons is joined in this remarkable journey by his loving wife, Marilyn Simmons, who hails from Bermuda and boasts a prestigious background as a Senior Registered Nurse and Senior Clinical Manager. She formerly served as a Clinical Coordinator at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in Bermuda. The Simmons family is a source of pride and joy for Dr. Simmons and Marilyn, with three grown children who have achieved significant educational milestones. Their sons, Julian and Michael, are both graduates of Atlantic Union College, and their daughter, Marilyn Rose, is a graduate of Oakwood College. The Simmons family legacy reflects not only their dedication to faith but also their commitment to education and personal growth.
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